Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Dilbert Understood at Last

I've been enjoying Dilbert since the cartoon strip started -- so much of the humor applies to any occupation, more's the pity. But starting the 23 Things has led to even more of an appreciation, at least for Dilbert himself, whom I picture as someone who can identify potential user problems and avoid/fix them in his programming. (Or whatever it is he is doing.) Who's the coffee-drinking slacker in that cartoon --- I think he's the one who worked on the two programs or links or websites I've used so far in starting the 23 things: just getting the online video to work for "pre-step" 1 was a challenge -- heck, just getting a link to the video that was live was a problem.

Finally saw the video, and I have now gotten as far on Blogger.com as writing a post. I can't wait for further adventures.

Were things less stressful in River City? Apart from censoring Balzac?

23 Things #1-3

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