Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Twitter, Tuitiar, Bartleby and Klee: Not a Law Firm

I echo Bartleby the Scrivener by saying, "I would prefer not to" join Twitter. I looked at the home page, and found some of the featured twitterers interesting: GuardianTech, SkyNews, and LAFD, but not interesting enough to subscribe to. The "just posted" list showed posts of interest to only acquaintances of the poster.

I did somehow link up to some twitters about Michael Gorman's blog posts about Web 2.0, on the Encyclopedia Britannica's blog: as one person said in a post somwhere else, who knew the Britannica had one? The post and the comments were pretty interesting/entertaining, but the point of the twitters was just to provide (outraged) notice.

The social aspects of twittering come through pretty clearly in Tuitiar Comunidad Twitter Argentina (I like the sound of Tuitiar, and the blue bird.) My lack of interest probably reflects my lack of a social group that uses Twitter. Plus, it seems difficult to carry around the necessary Twittering Machine to keep me available for instant posts. Email at desktop PCs seems fine for me now.

Twittering machines and sound poetry: I had incorrectly remembered Kurt Schwitters rather than Paul Klee as the artist. Searching the internet for Schwitters twittering brought up some links, and ultimately I found one with a short video excerpt of Kurt Schwitters reciting Ursonate, one of his sound poems: not twittering, but trilling in parts.

Library uses: possibly providing information to individuals on something: new acquistions? your hold is now available?

23 Things #9

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